Ancient China!!


Pictographs- Characters that stand for objects
Ideographs- Another kind of character used in Chinese writing
Dynasty- A line of rulers that belong to the same family
Anyang- One of the first Chinese cities
Aristocrats- Nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned
Bureaucracy- made up of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government



-Chinese claimed that the Mandate of Heaven gave them the right to rule.
-The scratches on oracle bones show how today’s Chinese writing began. However the modern Chinese language is much more complex.
-Used pictographs and ideographs.

-They believe in harmony and never look for confrontation.
-Chinese are very proud of their civilized society since the early day
-Today there are 56 distinct recognized ethnic groups in China
-Chinese Civilization is one of the few ancient civilizations to have its individual writing script. The Chinese language has over 20,000 characters. The average Chinese only learns about 5,000 of these in his lifetime.
-The Chinese calendar is based on the Lunar Cycle . It is the oldest known calendar , originating in 2600 BC. It has twelve Zodiac signs. A complete cycle would take 60 years to complete
-With an ongoing history dating back over sixteen thousand years, China is the world's oldest known continuous civilization
-"Luckily--thanks to the trade route known as 'The Silk Road,' and the riches it channeled toward influential western merchants like Pier One, life in the west has been forever enhanced by what were once considered exotic Chinese 'novelties.' "


There are many interesting things about Ancient China. Such as, they traded goods on the Slik Road. Chinese merchants made a lot of money by shipping expensive goods to other countries.