Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

There are many questions about the pyramids that are still unanswered, and they still remain a mystery. Who built them? How many years ago were they built? How were they built? These are the questions everyone wants to know about these wonders of Ancient Egypt. This wiki page will try to unveil part of the mystery about the pyramids of Egypt.
pyramid.jpgMany historians and Egyptologists have debated on who built the pyramids. Modern Egyptologists believe that the labor force that built the pyramid named Khufu totaled 20,000. It is also believed that very few workers worked on the pyramids year-round, but during the late summer and early fall, when the Nile flooded the fields, many farmers and local villagers would gather at Giza in Egypt, and put time into building the pyramids for the pharaohs. This would make sure that the pharaohs would have an afterlife and that the country would prosper. In an interview with an archaeologist who had researched the pyramids for many years, he said that there is no doubt that the Egyptians built the pyramids, and not anything supernatural. For more information, go to . Another common question is when the pyramids were built and how these people actually built it. No one knows exactly when they were built, but most of them were built in Egypt’s Old Kingdom. There are about 180 discovered pyramids, and most are near the modern day city of Cairo. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most famous pyramid, so let’s focus on that one.
pyramid of Giza

It was constructed over a 20 year period, ending at 2560 B.C. It was overlooked by the Pharaoh Khufu, and was intended to be his burial place. It had a base of 230 by 230 and a height of 146.6 meters, which makes it the tallest stone monument in the world. Now, how it was built is quite a mystery. The pyramid blocks were taken from quarries of granite using stone and tools made of copper. The blocks were transported to the site of the pyramid by using wooden barges and sleds. These were dragged by hand and sometimes by mules or other draft animals. It is still uncertain as to how the blocks were raised to the height of. For more information, go to and .

Egyptian Beliefs and Religion

The Ancient Egyptian religion was based on polytheism, or the belief of many gods. They had over 2000 gods and goddesses that they worshiped, and many of them were part human and part animal. The Egyptians thought that bulls, cats, and crocodiles were holy. The Egyptians owned many cats, and the cats were considered to be gods. They were mummified like a person when they died.
gods.jpgAncient Egyptians also believed in an afterlife, so they spent a lot of time and wealth to prepare for the afterlife. The Egyptian “Book of the Dead” contains their major beliefs. Temples were in built in every city and each city has a temple for a different god. Death was supposed to be when the Egyptians went to a better life. They thought that they could only reach their full potential after they died. People would have three souls, and at the time of death, it was important for the body to survive intact. Their whole civilization was based around the afterlife. After a person died, priests tried to bring them back from the dead by reciting prayers. If the body was not revived, it would be embalmed, which was the cleaning of the body and the putting of bandages over the body. The body would then be mummified and put into a coffin.

After 70 days, (or when the mummification process was complete), the mummy was placed into a coffin. The last ritual on the dead was the “Opening of the Mouth”, and it was supposed to magically give the dead the ability to eat and speak in the afterlife. For more information, go to .