Ancient Chinese Fashion and Feet

Men's and Women's Clothing
Men and women's clothing in ancient China was very similar. Both men and women wore tunics with belts around the waist, except women wore theirs long enough to touch the ground and men wore theirs only to their knees. Both men and women sometimes wore jacket and in the winter, they wore padded jackets to keep then warm. Also in the winter, they wore long pants under their tunics.

Ancient Chinese Feet and Shoes

In 1100 AD, a fashion started that caused woman to bind their feet. Women thought that having small feet which were 3 inches long, would make them beautiful. Woman's feet got so small because they tightly wrapped bandadges around girls feet at the age or 5 or 6. Because these bandadges were so tight, they often broke girls feet in many places and many times. Most girls cried for 2 or 3 years before they felt better. The tight bandages broke toes and folded them under the foot. This caused the Chinese women to walk very badly and they often crawled in fields. The story of Cinderella started with the idea of a prince having to find the smallest feet to fit in the smallest shoes.