Alexander The Great

Why he was named “Alexander the Great?” Macedonia became a powerful kingdom by 400 BC.In 359 BC.Philip 2,
rose to the thrown in Macedonia Philip was murder and the invasion ofAsianAlexander he was only 20 years old,
Alexander was trained for leadership. Alexander defeated the invasion

Alexander did many things like captured many cities, built a city called Alexander,defeated many large armies, went in battles before his men, and he
died in Babylon by malaria or typhoid fever.

Alexander the Great is so famous because of his bravery in battle, and leadership, also he defeated many army’s. When his father died, Philip the second died he gave the thrown to his son Alexander, at the age of 20, and he defeated an invasion. After many battles he died at the age of 32 in Babylon, of Malaria or of Typhoid fever.