Adolf Hitler

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“In spite of all setbacks, the war will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of a people’s will to live.”-Adolf Hitler
According to The History Place, Adolf Hitler spoke these words as he planned his death. This quote was important because Hitler used these same words to motivate his troops before going into battle. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. He was a dictator of Germany after and WWIduring WWII. He was a very violent leader with radical ideas. During his lifetime Hitler had to go through an election, run his country, and plan his own death.

Hitler had to go through more than one election. According to The History Place, the first time Hitler ran for President, the last president, Presednet Hindenburg, was getting old and didn’t want to run again. After some convincing, Hindenburg did decided to run again and Hitler had to run against him. For publicity, Hitler hung up Nazi flags and campaigned all over Germany promising Germans a better future. This made all types of people vote for him. President Hindenburg did nothing to get publicity. On March 13, 1932, Election Day, Hitler received 11,339,446 votes or 30% of Germany while President Hindenburg received 18,651,497 votes or 49% of Germany. Since neither of them had the majority of Germany, they had to have a run off election. This was scheduled for April 30th. Again, Hitler lost but he had more votes than before. Thus, Hindenburg took office again. Hitler didn’t accept defeat well so he tried to pass a bill that would allow Germany to become a Dictatorship which he would lead. To pass this bill, he needed a two-thirds vote. To get this vote, 31 non Nazis would have to vote for him. He got these votes from The Catholic Center Party by making them a false promise. After the bill passed, Hitler became dictator and completely changed his ways.
While leading Germany, Hitler went against what he said and he started the Holocaust. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, during the Holocaust, Hitler targeted Jews like Ann Frank, Gypsies, the disabled, and homosexuals. He collected them by sending Nazi soldiers to their houses. The soldiers were even known to drag them out of their homes. He then sent the Jews, Gypsies, the disabled and the homosexuals to ghettos which were little fenced areas inside of a city. From the ghettos, they were sent to either work or extermination camps. In Work Camps, they had to work long hours with no pay and very little food while in extermination camps, the prisoners were killed. In total, 6 million Jews were killed (two out of three); 200,000 Gypsies were killed; 200,000 disabled people were killed; and 2-3 million Soviet Union prisoners-of-war were killed.
After the Holocaust but before the end of the war, Hitler got married to Eva Braun. According to The History Learning Site, the wedding took place in Hitler’s private sitting room and only a few people attended. The wedding took place at midnight on April 20. Hitler then decided to commit suicide and have his wife killed too. He decided this because Mussolini had been killed by his enemy and had his head hung on a stake. Hitler did not want that to happen to him so he decided to have his body burned. A few days after his death, Germany got defeated. After Germany was defeated, work and extermination camps emptied, and all of the people that survived the camps were free including Anne Frank’s father, Otto.
"The Holocaust was the most evil crime ever committed." –Stephen Ambrose
This is an important quote because it shows the opinion of someone who was alive during the Holocaust. According to the History Learning Site, Hitler and his wife died at three thirty in the afternoon on April 30th. Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself. His wife drank poison. No one knows if Hitler made his wife drink the poison or if she made it for herself. During Hitler’s life he went through an election, a dictatorship, and the planning of his own death.