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The Mission of Chardon Middle School is to provide experiences that encourage
responsibility, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking while
promoting a tolerance for individual differences.


Welcome to our Online World History textbook. Presented by Mr. Pennington's 7th grade classes. Here you can journey through countries like China, India, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. You can learn about their geography, political and religious views, history, and other things like that. Students can interact through this textbook by answering questions, posting links and pictures, and discuss opinions about each country. To start, click on a country to the left and travel around the world. ----

Chardon Middle School is an average sized school located in the middle of Geauga County. We get on average 60 to 110 inches of snowfall each winter and are known as one of the snowiest cities in Northeastern Ohio. Chardon Middle School consists of 753 students. 372 of them are boys, and 381 are girls. Our 6th grade has 225 students, 7th grade has 266 students, and 8th grade has 256 students. Our staff consists of 65 staff members- from teachers to custodians to lunch ladies. Some of the after-school clubs we have are Student Council, National Juniors Honors Society, Science Olympian, Power of the Pen, Yearbook, Robotics, and many more. We also provide sports for 7th and 8th graders. For more information, contact Michael Pennington at ch_penningto@lgca.org or 424 North Street, Chardon, Ohio 44024. Feel free to click on the picture below for a direct link to the Chardon Local Schools website.

By Hannah and Katie

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